Hybrid Electric HMMWV Project for the Military (TARDEC)

Project Goals

Support TARDEC in improvement of Technology Readiness Level of Hybrid Electric HMMWV Vehicle project with following actions:

1. Develop a Simulink Performance Simulation Model, review the current Military Proving Ground test plan and recommend revision if needed.

2. Conduct vehicle evaluation experiments of acceleration performance on AEI 4WD Vehicle Chassis Dynamometer. Review the test results, compare the test measurement items to the model outputs and identify gaps. Develop possible corrective actions and recommend modifications to the Simulation model as appropriate. Prepare a Technical Report addressing the above efforts.

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Suresh Bansal, Director, LTU Automotive Engineering Institute

Project Principals:

Dr. Suresh Bansal and two other LTU Department Chairs

Research Associates:

Two LTU Senior Adjunct Professors and two full-time professors

Student Research Assistants (Modeling):

Four graduate students

Student Research Assistants and Lab. Technician (Dynamometer Testing Team):

Five graduate students in MSAE Program and one lab technician.

Project Status:

Completed fully accomplishing desired goals and exceeding customer expectations.