Short Course # PD-7

Axle, Driveline, Brake Engineering and 4WD Systems

Custom designed in-depth instruction material for professional development and advancement of select Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. Participants must have had courses in Statics and Dynamics to benefit from this short course.

This short course helps the engineers acquire in-depth knowledge of Axle, Driveline, Brake systems and 4 Wheel Drive Systems. Instruction delivery is (5) half-day morning sessions.

Topics covered

  1. C.V. joints and half shafts
  2. Universal joints and drive shafts
  3. Differentials
    1. Differential construction and operation
    2. Open and limited slip differentials
    3. Differential gear design
  4. Drive Axles
    1. Semi-float axles
    2. Full-float axles
    3. Front drive axles
    4. Rear drive axles
    5. Hypoid Gear design
    6. Axle shafts, hubs and final drive gears
  5. Four wheel drive systems
    1. 4WD vs. AWD Systems
    2. Basic drive architecture
    3. Transfer Case
  6. Brake systems
    1. Disc brakes, drum brakes
    2. Antilock brake systems
    3. Brake based stability control system
  7. Hardware review in garage
  8. Examples and exercises