Short Course # PD-6

Transmission Systems Engineering

Custom designed in-depth instruction material for professional development and advancement of select Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. Participants must have had courses in Statics and Dynamics to benefit from this short course.

This short course helps the engineers acquire in-depth knowledge of Manual and Automatic Transmission Engineering. Instruction delivery is (5) half-day morning sessions.

Topics covered

  1. Manual transmission clutches
    1. Operation
    2. Construction and components
    3. Clutch linkage
  2. Manual transmissions and transaxles
    1. Transmission vs. transaxle
    2. Basic gear theory
    3. Transmission design and operation
    4. Transaxle design and operation
    5. Synchronizers
    6. Gear shift mechanisms
    7. Transmission power flow
    8. Gear ratio computations
  3. Automatic transmissions and transaxles
    1. Major components overview
    2. Basic function
    3. Power flow and control logic diagrams
    4. Torque converter and torque converter lock-up clutch
    5. Planetary gears and gear ratio computations
    6. Transmission clutches, bands and servos
    7. Transmission hydraulics
    8. Transmission pump
    9. Transmission valve body
    10. Transmission controls
  4. CVT Transmissions
  5. Automatically shifting manual transmissions
  6. Hardware review in garage
  7. Examples and exercises