Short Course # PD-3

Vehicle System Dynamics II- Ride and Handling

Custom designed in-depth instruction material for professional development and advancement of select Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. Participants must have had courses in Statics and Dynamics to benefit from this short course.

This short course helps the engineers acquire in-depth knowledge of the dynamic behavior of the vehicle as one total system with additional knowledge of major subsystems influencing vehicle dynamics. Instruction delivery is (5) half-day morning sessions.

Topics covered

  1. Vehicle ride behavior
  2. Formulation of vehicle ride mathematical model
  3. Vehicle handling behavior
  4. Low speed and high speed turning
  5. Under-steer gradient
  6. Under-steer, neutral steer and over-steer
  7. Thrust forces due to slip angles and camber
  8. Characteristic and critical speeds
  9. Suspension effects on handling performance
  10. Examples and exercises