Short Course # PD-12

Military Vehicle Transmission-Driveline Systems-II

Custom designed in-depth instruction material for professional development and advancement of select Mechanical Engineers.

This short course is the second in (2) course series. These two short courses together are designed to help the engineers acquire in-depth knowledge of Military Vehicle Transmission- Driveline Systems. Instruction delivery is (5) half-day morning sessions. The course instruction is delivered by a team of industry and academic experts in the subject with extensive knowledge in vehicle systems and transmission-driveline systems for the industry.

Topics covered

  1. Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles
    1. Major Components Overview
    2. Basic Function
    3. Power Flow and Control-logic Diagrams
    4. Torque Converter
    5. Torque Converter with Lock-up Clutch
    6. Planetary Gears and gear Ratio computations
    7. Transmission Clutches and Design
    8. Transmission Bands, Servos and Design
    9. Transmission Hydraulics
    10. Transmission Pump Design and Selection
    11. Transmission Fluid and Filtration System
    12. Transmission Cooling System
    13. Transmission Valve Body
    14. Transmission Controls and Design
  2. Series-Parallel Power Split Automatic Transmissions
    1. Hybrid-Electric Vehicles Series Power-flow
    2. Hybrid-Electric Vehicles Parallel Power-flow
    3. Hybrid-Electric Vehicles Series-Parallel Power-flow
    4. Ford Escape Hybrid and Toyota Prius Hybrid Vehicle Transmissions
    5. Torque Split Design and Operation
  3. Drive Axles
    1. Semi-float Axles
    2. Full-float Axles
    3. Front Drive Axles
    4. Rear Drive Axles
    5. Hypoid Gear Design
    6. Axle Shafts, Hubs and Final Drive Gears
  4. Four Wheel Drive Systems
    1. 4WD vs. AWD Systems
    2. Basic Drive Architecture
    3. Transfer Case
  5. Differentials
    1. Differential Construction and Operation
    2. Open and Locking/Limited Slip Differentials
    3. Differential Gear Design
  6. Universal Joints and Driveshafts
    1. Operation and Construction
    2. One-piece and Multi-piece Driveshafts
    3. Critical Speeds
    4. NVH Considerations and Actions
  7. C.V. joints and Half- shafts
    1. Operation and Construction
    2. Fixed and Plunging Joints
    3. Design Choices for C.V. Joints
    4. Design Limitations and Joint Selection
  8. Hardware Review
  9. Examples and Exercises