Short Course #PD-11

Military Vehicle Transmission-Driveline Systems-I

Custom designed in-depth instruction material for professional development and advancement of select Mechanical Engineers.

This short course is the first in (2) course series. These two short courses together are designed to help the engineers acquire in-depth knowledge of Military Vehicle Transmission- Driveline Systems. Instruction delivery is (5) half-day morning sessions. The course instruction is delivered by a team of industry and academic experts in the subject with extensive knowledge in vehicle systems and transmission-driveline systems for the industry.

Topics covered

  1. Overview of Military Vehicles and Transmission-Driveline Systems
    1. Track Vehicles
    2. Wheeled Vehicles
  2. Major Component Review of Track Vehicle Transmission-Driveline Systems
    1. Hydro-Static Transmissions
    2. Hydro-Mechanical Transmissions
    3. Hydro-Kinetic Transmissions
    4. Final Drives and Brakes
    5. Power Take-off for Auxiliary Power
  3. Major Component Review of Wheeled Vehicle Transmission-Driveline Systems
    1. Transmissions (Manual/Automatic)
    2. Transaxles (Manual/Automatic)
    3. Axles
    4. Driveshafts
    5. C.V.Joints
    6. Transfer Cases
    7. Power Take-off for Auxiliary Power
  4. Manual Transmissions and Transaxles
    1. Transmission vs. Transaxle
    2. Basic Gear Theory
    3. Transmission Design and Operation
    4. Transaxle Design and Operation
    5. Synchronizers and Cone Clutches
    6. Gear Shift Mechanisms
    7. Transmission Gear Ranges and Power Flow
    8. Gear Ratio Computations
  5. Manual Transmission Clutches
    1. Operation
    2. Construction and Components
    3. Clutch Linkage
  6. Automatically Shifting Manual Transmissions
    1. Operation
    2. Construction and Components
  7. Dual Clutch/ Power-Shift Manual Transmissions
    1. Operation
    2. Construction and Components
  8. CVT Transmissions
    1. Basic Function
    2. Review of Design Options
    3. Major Components Overview
    4. Design Challenges
  9. Hardware Review
  10. Examples and Exercises